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Rebekka, busca una cuidadora a tiempo parcial - 28087 Madrid para el 2 Septiembre 2019

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Looking for babysitter in madrid for 1 - 2 times a week

Dear Babysitter / nanny in Madrid,
We are a young Spanish-German couple and are expecting our first Baby in June. Now we are looking for our own Mary Poppins to help out one or two days a week from on September 2019 (completely flexible and can be adapted to your schedule).

Our Family consists of Rebekka, Luis, Sergeant Pepper (the tiny dog) and in June 2019 we are expecting our first Baby: Anton-Luis. Rebekka (me) is originally from Germany, 28 years old and has worked herself as an aupair and nanny in the Netherlands for almost 4 years (I know the good, the bad and the ugly of it :D). Now I am finishing my Psychology degree (distance learning) and work as a translator from home and one week a month I travel to Germany for work. Luis, originally from Cordoba - Spain, is 30 years old and is studying Pharmacy at a Madrid University, designs websites and loves to stream all kinds of PC games on Twitch. Our furry friend Pepper is 3 years old and super friendly - he likes to cuddle, play with his stuffed animals, run through the many parks in our neighbourhood and he absolutely loves to chill out on the couch (whenever he is allowed on it). If you are not a big fan of dogs don´t worry: He doesn't bark nor does he jump or sniff people. End of June our babyboy Anton-Luis is expected, who we are planning to raise trilingual. Luis and me only speak English to each other, so it would be helpful if you spoke some English in order to be able to communicate with both of us - of course you are more than welcome to practice your German with me or your Spanish with Luis. Our schedules are super flexible so we can make it work in accordance with your availability.

We are ideally looking for a person that is kind, attentive, reliable, independent and hands-on. We would like you to be experienced with Babies and know CPR (especially with Babies). It would be great if you could speak (a lot) to Toni-Lu in your native tongue (English, German or Spanish). Bonus-points if you love to sing, cuddle, invent creative games and really engage with the little one. Since our schedules are super flexible we are looking for someone that can help out approximately one or two days a week for a couple of hours to give us some free time and sometimes babysit in the evening when we want to go out. The times and dates are flexible and we can definitely match them according to your availability and preferences. It would be great, if you could take the baby (and dog) out for a walk, play with him inside or just be with him when he sleeps. When baby is asleep it would be great if you could fold some laundry or empty the dishwasher - all the other housework is done by us and our cleaning-lady. We will pay you by the hour. If that sounds good to you, please drop me a message :)


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